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Affinity Insurance Group

Life insurances
for your family

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Insurances do matter

Your family is unique - your life insurance should be, too.
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Affinity Insurance Group

What riders in Florida:
need to know

Most states require you have car insurance and have laws that outline the minimum level of coverage

Insurances do matter

Compare cheap ratesOur customers save on average $540
Save More on Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

How Life Insurance Rates are Determined

Your ability to find affordable life insurance will be based on your life expectancy and risk factors.Underwriters will look at your income and lifestyle, medical history and overall health

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House insurance

Our company, Affinity Insurance Group., is your one stop resource for homeowners insurance, and we place an emphasis on top quality customer service and our agency is very discerning about the professionals that we bring onto our team..

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Travel insurance

How Travel Insurance Works? Maybe you’ve never used travel insurance before. Or maybe you’ve just purchased travel insurance, and now you’re scrolling through your policy documents, wondering what it all means. We’re here to help!

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Life insurance

Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance.Just as there are different life insurance plans to meet your needs, there are different ways to save on life insurance. There are hundreds of insurance companies offering a wide variety of plans and prices on term

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Car insurance

Drivers have been colliding with things in the road since 1891, when inventor James William Lambert was involved in what may have been the first auto accident in history[...] If your car hits something, you'll want know whether you have the right coverage to make a claim.

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About us

Meet our insurance agency.

Brenda V. Solomon have 20 years' experience as a successful Insurance Customer Service Representative.

March, 2009

The establishment of our agency, with two professional insurance agents, in small office in Boston.

December, 2011

Three new insurance agents in our team, 2.500 customers!

February, 2014

Moving to a new office in Boston. More than 5.000 customers, great references and great view of the future!

Our vision

Best insurances for everyone.

Car Insurance quotes are based on many factors like your driving record and vehicle. Get your online quote today.

Brenda V. Solomon
1294 satisfied customers
5 professional agents
8 insurances in our offer
12 years of experience
Take care of your Family

Best Time to Close on a House

Most buyers start the home search with a timeline in mind — perhaps the goal is to get settled before the school year starts or to have a new home in time to host the holidays.

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